Building Inspections

buying a homeWhy do you need a pre-purchase building inspection?

A Pre-purchase Building Inspection and report is a useful tool obtained prior to the final purchase of a building in that it can assess the structural stability and integrity of your proposed purchase.

Joint inspections with you can be arranged at a convenient time if the existing owner is agreeable.

The Pre-Purchase Building Report may tell you many things about your proposed purchase that you may not have noticed, placing you in a more confident position to proceed with the purchase.

Why do you need a pre-sale building inspection?
If you are selling your home, an independent pre-sale building report, available to interested buyers when they visit your home, may help them decide your home is the one to buy.

The report may also save time at transfer as in that you may have rectified the problems and thus eliminated some time delays in settlement, for example if a leaky shower is found by us it can be readily repaired and certified prior to people assessing your building.

A pre-sale building inspection and report is a useful tool obtained prior to selling a building in that it can assess the structural stability and integrity of your property.

Please note we can organise a timber pest inspection and report on your behalf, please indicate on the order form.

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Building Inspection are carried out with a thorough assessment of the following accessible areas of the building:

  • Footings and Concrete Slabs
  • Foundation Walls and Piers
  • Subfloor Areas including Floor Structural Members, Flooring
  • Visible Plumbing and Drainage
  • External Surfaces of Doors and Windows
  • External Wall Cladding
  • Eave Overhang including Soffit Lining, Fascia and Roof Plumbing
  • Roof Cladding and Flashings
  • Internal Rooms including Light and Ventilation, Room Sizes and Finishes
  • Wet Area Fixtures, Tiles and Finishes with particular attention to the Shower Base
  • Ventilation

House for saleYou receive a detailed report promptly

Our Comprehensive written report contains:

  • Analysis of Construction, Methods and Materials
  • Analysis of Construction Problems and Faults requiring Maintenance
  • Analysis and Opinion of Problems that may not comply with Building Regulations
  • Analysis of Building Workmanship
  • Simplified Check-list of Areas Inspected
  • Analysis of Structural Stability of Building

  Building Inspection Order Form